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Telecom Expense Management

Did you know that more than half of all telecom invoices contain mistakes?

In most organizations the telephone and long distance bills are paid as long as they are similar to the previous month. Most organizations do not have the resources or industry knowledge to effectively scrutinize these invoices.

Our team evaluate your systems and service plans to recommend superior, cost effective solutions including;

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  • Local/Long Distance Service
  • Data/WAN/MPLS Services
  • Internet Provider Services
  • Conferencing Solutions
  • PBX Maintenance Plans
  • Managed Service Plans

FTG Technologies will help your business review your telecommunications invoices and services to maximize savings and eliminate unnecessary expense. By analyzing your current infrastructure and rate plans, our team will identify potential savings and offer cost reduction strategies through consolidation of services, renegotiation of contracts or migration to more cost effective services.

We offer not only consultative services, but complete conversion services to assist with the implementation of all recommendations.