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Mobile Video Solutions

Mobile Video Solutions

Public Transit

With a growing number of riders, maintaining a safe transit environment has become a top priority.  FTG Mobile Video Solutions provide quicker incident resolution and reduced investigation times.

Public Safety

FTG Mobile Video Solutions provide law enforcement with advanced functionality and superior video synchronization capabilities that produce solid, high-quality evidence to the court and improved officer safety.

Transport Vehicles

Protection for Cash in Transit (CIT) vehicles, trucks, delivery vans and other vehicles used to transport packages and goods by combining on-board FTG Mobile Video Solutions, nigh speed networking and detailed analytics.

Mobile Video Solutions from FTG combine HD live streaming and video recording with advanced wireless and storage technologies, to provide a fully managed, turnkey solution. Backed by our 24/7 operations center, FTG is your go to partner for advanced mobile video systems.


  • HD Live Streaming and Video Recording
  • Advanced 4G & Wireless Technologies
  • Ruggedized Onboard Storage Systems
  • Video Offload to Centralized Command Center
  • GPS, Location, Speed and Vehicle Statatistics
  • Automated Alarming & Notifications