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Financing & Leasing

We understand that your business faces unique challenges and our financial specialists are prepared to deliver a solution that’s right for you. A lease is an easy way to enjoy the benefits of the latest technology without assuming the up-front costs, and risks, of ownership.

Financing options through FTG can help you address business-critical issues and allow you to focus on your key objectives, such as increasing productivity, maintaining profitability, and improving competitiveness through innovation.

FTG has partnered with global leaders to provide financing solutions that deliver significant business benefits to companies of all sizes. Our team will provide a finance solution to please your CFO and CIO alike. Benefits of financing your solution include;

Cash Flow Management and Predictability

  • Convert upfront capital expenditure requirements into low monthly payments and improve liquidity
  • Free up cash for business growth
  • Preserve existing credit lines and borrowing power

Benefit from Tax Advantages
Leasing offers important tax benefits that may reduce the cost of obtaining equipment. Depending on the lease option you choose, you may be able to write off the entire monthly payment as an operating expense or capitalize the outlay. (Be sure to consult your own accountant or tax advisor regarding the tax consequences of your leasing and financing transactions.)

Avoid Technology Obsolescence
Using flexible upgrade options, customers can ensure the technology they are using is addressing their business needs as they evolve.

Financing Total Solutions
Customers can take advantage of financing that covers the entire network and IT solution, including hardware, software, installation, and service.

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FTG offers competitive finance options that provide financial flexibility. Offerings include Fair Market Value, One-Dollar-Buy-Out and custom financing options. These programs will give your business the freedom to keep technologies current and your finances secure.

Multiple Leasing Options

  • Fair Market Value Lease
  • $1 Purchase Option Lease
  • Low Interest Financing

Finance options from FTG do not restrict clients to a single solution or product. Our team will work with you to help you decide which lease is the best option for your organization.

Finance Partners
FTG has partnered with global finance leaders to provide clients with technology-focused financial experts. Our finance partners include, but are not limited to;

  • Avaya Financial Services
  • Cisco Capital
  • HP Financial Services

Please contact our Account Executives for more information on FTG leasing options.CONTACT US

Question: Is it easy to get lease pricing for my potential equipment purchase?

Answer: Absolutely. Your FTG Account Executive can easily provide you leasing options for a potential equipment purchase. The pricing contained within the FTG lease proposal can be used for budgetary purposes as your evaluate your options. If your interested in pursuing a lease option, your FTG Account Executive will connect you with one of our financing partners and help coordinate a firm proposal.

Question: Is it better for my business to own the equipment as an asset instead of leasing?

Answer: Typically the use of your equipment or technology (and not the ownership of the asset) produces benefit to your business. Profits are not realized by owned equipment, but rather by the work product derived from its use. Financing allows your business to pay for the equipment as the revenue (or productivity benefits) resulting from the use of the equipment are realized, not before.

Question: Can I have multiple manufactures equipment and/or multiple technologies within the lease?

Answer: Yes. Each of our finance partners can provide you options to include installation services or another manufacturer’s equipment. These lease options typically include minimum/maximum thresholds for equipment and services.

Question: Will I be taxed on the equipment purchase?

Answer: The lessee will pay the taxes one way or another. Though the lessee is responsible for the taxes, the actual payment is typically made by the lessor (who is reimbursed by the lessee).

Question: If we choose a Fair Market Value lease, what will the value of the equipment be at the end of the Lease?

Answer:At the end of an FMV lease term, you may purchase the equipment, return the equipment to the finance company, or continue to pay for use of the equipment according to the terms of the original agreement. The FMV purchase price may depend upon many factors such as how quickly new technologies have advanced, the price for those new capabilities, the condition and usage levels of the leased equipment, and the used equipment market demand for that particular equipment. The fair market value of the equipment will be determined by the market.

Question: Why is it called “Fair Market Value (FMV)” instead of a predetermined fixed value?

Answer: The IRS has guidelines for a “true lease” and requires the lease contain a fair market value buyout option. There could be tax consequences if the purchase option were guaranteed. An FMV lease offers the lowest monthly payment, is the most flexible lease structure, and may allow you to obtain tax advantages. The equipment may not be considered an asset on your balance sheet. Depending upon your situation, up to 100% of the finance expense may be tax deductible. This treatment can improve finance ratios such as return on assets.

Question: Will I be taxed on the purchase?

Answer: The lessee is responsible for all taxes, but the actual payment to the taxing authority is made by the lessor, who is reimbursed by the lessee.

Question: Can I include installation services within the lease?

Answer: Yes. Our finance partners can provide more detail on the services ratios/thresholds after reviewing your specific project/solution.

Disclaimer: The advice provided on this website is general information only. It has been prepared without taking into account your objectives, financial situation or needs. The FTG companies cannot and do not offer tax or financial advice. Before acting on the information on this site you should consider the appropriateness of the information, having regard to your own objectives, financial situation and needs. Be sure to consult your own accountant or tax adviser regarding the tax consequences of your leasing and financing transactions.

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Please contact our Account Executives for more information on FTG leasing options.CONTACT US