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Drone/UAS Technologies

Drone Technologies

Program Development

FTG’s experts provide guidance on the introduction and operation of a “drone program” including policy development, UAS/Drone training, certification guidelines and more.

Detection Solutions

FTG engineers, installs and manages advanced drone detection solutions that combine industry-leading technology with advanced monitoring and 24/7 boots-on-the-ground service.

Consulting Services

Whether your protecting from unwanted aerial threats, integrating disparate security systems, or developing a first-responder strategy, FTG’s team of experts can work with you to achieve your goals.

Search & Rescue

When timing is critical, drones have the ability to cover more ground, more effectively, and support first-responders in critical search and rescue efforts.

Law Enforcement

Drones technologies support law enforcement efforts through surveillance video, live feed cameras, radio equipment, thermal imaging, and crime scene analysis.

EMS Services

By accessing difficult terrain very quickly, drones aid first-responders immensely by delivering emergency equipment and providing vital information in an emergency.

  • Transportation
    Detect threats to restricted Airspace
  • Energy
    Detect threats to critical infrastructure
  • Spectator Events
    Detect Malicous Drone Activity
  • Correctional Facilities
    Detect Drones Carrying Weapons & Contraband