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Drone Detection

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Managed Drone Detection Solutions

FTG Security engineers, installs and manages advanced drone detection solution that combine industry-leading technology with advanced monitoring and 24/7 boots-on-the-ground service.

The commercial Drone market is experiencing rapid growth, turmoil, and change. Drones have proven to be a disruptive technology that is impacting and improving many lives and businesses today.

Drone detection systems from FTG Security watch over your airspace to protect critical infrastructure and provide timely alerting to your team.

How does it work?
At the heart of our solution is a high sensitivity array designed to recognize recreational and commercial drones by detecting the audio and radio frequency signatures they emit.  Features include;

  • 360° Asymmetrical Detection
  • 400 Meter Detection Radius
  • Radio Frequency Detection
  • Drone GPS Coordinates
  • Operator GPS Coordinates
  • Audio Detection

Event Alerting & Graphical Displaysmercato

Turnkey drone detection solutions from FTG feature the industry’s most sophisticated and scalable platforms for delivering critical drone event information.

Detection information is delivered through the industry leading Mercato Systems Hawker1 platform.  This cloud-based service delivers comprehensive tracking and monitoring of drone events. Fully integrated with the Drone Lab’s Drone Detection array products, subscribers receive detailed detection information through the graphical Hawker1 web portal.

Beyond getting the attention of system operators manning a viewing console, SMS and text messaging can be configured to automatically initiate appropriate actions before the viewer notices an alarm.

How is FTG’s solution managed?
When coupled with our 24/7 Network Operations Center (NOC), FTG can provide complete alarm event confirmation, monitor the overall health of your system, and provide full remote diagnostic & troubleshooting capabilities. Our comprehensive monitoring solution is capable of monitoring all security, video, wireless, server and network systems within your security network.

FTG’s broad expertise with diverse security and networking technologies makes us uniquely positioned to integrate with existing or ancillary systems including alarm servers, video analytic systems, etc. Our engineering and developer teams are available to design, implement and support your custom integration.  We are working with industry-leading manufacturer and software development firms integrate our drone detection solutions with existing and future FTG product offerings.

Why Choose FTG?

We have a deep lineage in Security and advanced technologies. We were in the business of being entrusted with protecting people, data, and property long before drones were a threat. Our history in security is exactly what sets us apart. FTG has been designing and providing security systems, products, and services for many years and have taken great care to dovetail drone detection into our product portfolio offering.

  • Transportation
    Detect threats to restricted Airspace
  • Energy
    Detect threats to critical infrastructure
  • Spectator Events
    Detect Malicous Drone Activity
  • Correctional Facilities
    Detect Drones Carrying Weapons & Contraband
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