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Design & Engineering

Solution Architecture

FTG Technologies offers complete, comprehensive systems design and architecture services to provide our customers a total technology solution. Our trained and experienced design engineers will take the time to understand your business requirements and work with your staff to cost effectively achieve your goals.

The FTG Technologies team will develop a plan to optimize, implement and monitor your communications networks, including both voice and data applications, to ensure your critical business applications run at peak efficiency and maximum availability.

From the physical cable plant to your remote call center agents and everything in between; we’ve got you covered. In today’s environment, technology endeavors must include particular attention to power and climate conditioning to protect your investment and ensure compliance with today’s green technology initiatives.

Beyond the technical aspects of your network, our team will partner with your staff to develop policies and procedures ensuring security, availability and business continuity.

CONTACT US FTG continues to grow and gain market share based on our commitment to our craft and responsiveness to our customers.