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Data Center

Data Center Solutions

Data center server consolidation can significantly reduce the amount of IT hardware in the data center. Many data centers contain servers that were individually purchased to fill specific roles. Whether it was for email or the accounting and payroll system, these servers were installed one at a time leaving the majority of these server resources underutilized. Stand-Alone servers operate on average at about 3-7% of their total load capacity. Data center virtualization enables you to save on hardware costs by reducing the physical hardware required for an effective data center, and simplifies management for your IT staff.

  • High availability, reliable data storage so work is not interrupted
  • Power management for lower costs and increased efficiency
  • Unified computing systems and management for efficient performance

Why Use FTG Data Center Services

Data center services relieve the pressure of creating and maintaining a strong network infrastructure. New Era can help reduce costs and improve productivity, resulting in:

  • Reduced risk because service provider monitors and manages equipment
  • Optimized connection between the cloud and physical infrastructure for scalability and security
  • Custom infrastructure to meet the needs of IT staff and end user
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