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Access Control

Access Control Solutions

Access control solutions from FTG ensure your organization provides the right access to the right people – and restricts access to unauthorized individuals.

FTG offers a complete portfolio of access control solutions, all completely integrate with your video, access, panic, fire and intrusion solutions. An access control system can provide enhanced security and safety for physical and intellectual property as well. Access is determined by card readers placed at sensitive areas on your campus that work together with a card or transponder to grant access to the right people, and deny access to others.  Used in concert with panic alarming and video surveillance, access control solutions from FTG provide a comprehensive solution for securing staff and visitors throughout your campus.

Access Control Features include;

  • Based on open standards to ensure integration with current and future infrastructure.
  • Email notifications can alert security teams of a critical events so they can take appropriate actions.
  • Actionable alerting such as a door forced open or being held open past the prescribed time, creating a more secure environment.
  • Customizable displays providing customization of real-time security event monitoring displays
  • Identity management solutions for ID photo capture and badge generation.
  • Aggregated reports that can be auto-scheduled, producing PDF results delivered via email.

FTG Security specializes in providing turnkey access control solutions and continues to grow and gain market share based on our commitment to our craft and responsiveness to our customers.